About Us

Our Story

We believe in the power of photography. But even more than that, we believe in our youth. That's why we approach photography as a means of curiosity, exploration, and self-discovery. We create a safe, inclusive community, teach photography at no cost, and provide mentorship for South Seattle youth. 

We've been doing this for 25 years because of the profound impact it has - on the youth, on us, and on our community at large. We are teaching photography, but the students are learning so much more. They're learning who they are, how to be, and how to share their ideas and values with the world.

That's the future we want to see - one where youth are included, accepted, and nurtured to express their ideas and share their gifts. We are honored to play a role in their journey to discovery and being - and to share the science and art of photography along the way.

A youth with green hair and a checkered mask holds up a photography of themselves holding a flower.
A group of students pose with cameras as if they are all taking a picture. They are standing on a wooden platform in front of a pond.A group of people poses in front of a sparkly backdrop covered in roses.

Our Mission

Equipping youth to share their ideas and values with the world through photography and art. 

Our Vision

To transform our collective future, one picture at a time.

Our Values

We value photography as a powerful medium of change to create a healthy, vibrant, more equitable and just society.

We believe in:

  • Creating safe, inclusive spaces and nurturing relationships where youth feel accepted and respected, can be vulnerable, and find mentorship.
  • Providing access and fostering creativity so young people have outlets for self-expression and reflection on the world around them.
  • Encouraging curiosity and a growth-mindset so young people develop confidence, find their sense of self, and gain skills that transcend their future pursuits.
  • Building a community that welcomes all, does not tolerate racism or any other form of oppression, and contributes to the greater collective striving for racial justice.

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