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2021 Cohort Session One

We are proud to introduce and showcase the work of the 2021 Creative Career Cohort. This 18-week, three-part cohort explores photography, graphic design, lighting, styling, and editing. Our corporate sponsor, evo, are providing real-world opportunities for content creation, as well as mock interviews and portfolio reviews.

Session One focused on community building, exploring cultural identity and heritage, and presenting a self portrait. You can support career-readiness programs like this by donating today

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“Throughout my life, Art has always been a good creative outlet where I could reinvent myself and create a world completely my own. To me art is something I care deeply about, when I draw I draw in order to cope with the idea of change because change happens so suddenly without you really being able to deal with it and when it does happen right in front of you some may find it difficult to accept and/or to adjust. That’s why I draw what I draw because to me in my eyes my sketches represent change because it’s my way of letting myself and/or my viewer know change can be a pretty cool thing.

While in this program/class my knowledge of cameras and photoshop have been able to expand such as knowledge on perceptive lighting. I take pictures almost everyday because they influence how I draw and at times what I draw. While taking this class I've been able to see bigger changes within myself and my art style, my limitations have become clear to me and I'm looking forward to experiencing how I'll be able to overcome the obstacles ahead.”

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“I want to learn photography because I want to capture every moment of my life like a document. To me, art means another way to express myself. There are times I use my art to escape from reality because it helps free my mind from the everyday problems of life. In my art, I like to capture the beauty of places and objects on different backgrounds.

I want to become a photographer because it can give me an entirely new perspective on everyday life. Also, I can use photography to turn almost anything I find beautiful into a work of art. I want to study photography because creativity is one of the greatest gifts I have received, without which my life would be simply incomplete. So, I want to use the creativity I have to make a unique form of art.”

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“Being an artist and an entertainer, I like to make my audience feel connected to my art or make them feel emotion. When it comes to taking pictures or digital media I strive to draw focus to things that will make the audience think and or feel sadness, anger, and/or happiness.

When it comes to photography I think about my surroundings and objects that can make the picture look more interesting. I also look for different angles to use and what subjects I need to draw focus to and what subjects do not require a lot focus.

Personally I love to be in the moment and feel the vibe and usually I enjoy a calm atmosphere. When it comes to photography I’ve noticed I tend to try and portray a calming atmosphere or a common feeling that people have on an everyday basis. To think and get lost is a feeling I enjoy which I see as having a child-like nature.”

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“Art has always been a part of life that I loved since I was young. I especially loved colors. As I got older my love for art only grew as I got introduced to patterns and textures.

I don't know why I love art so much maybe because it reminded me of the flares of art in my own Gambian cultural clothing.  I want people to see that just like art has many out comes so does life. Being in this space with BIPOC youth has allowed me include my culture into art. this space has also given me the chance expand what I’ve learned about color and put that into my art and do more with my photography.”

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“These past few weeks have been very fun. I learned how to use a camera, I’ve been introduced to the basics of photography and photoshop, and I've even begun to play with lighting.

Through photography I would like to explore themes such as my identity, my insecurities, emotions, and life. I already use drawing and painting to explore these themes and now I’m excited to use photography too. I noticed that the dark colors I use in my drawings seem to have made their way into the pictures I take in the form of high contrast and heavy shadows. I’m aware that developing an art style takes time but these are features that I believe will eventually become a part of my style.”

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“When I think about art, I think about expressing myself and being true and honest to the artist inside. Throughout these past couple of weeks, I’ve learned that being in front of a camera means being vulnerable in a way that I’ve never been before. I’ve also learned that there’s a lot of power in an image, and when I’m behind the camera, I hold that power. I get to present myself to the world the way that I want to because I control the story being told within the frame.

I really enjoyed playing with lighting. learning that changing the direction of the lighting or how much lighting you let into a photo can change your whole perception of the image. Light is always available but I’ve learned that knowing how to work with it and use it to your advantage is key.

A common theme in my photos has been self-perception. How I see myself versus how the world sees me, and how I want the world to see me and trying to find a balance between the three. Embracing myself in my Authentic form. unapologetically and being able to portray myself in a positive and honest light that defies the labels that society tries to put on me.”

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“A lot of the work that I’ve been creating has influenced me to do nothing but thing outside the box having to show my art work with a ring to it to shock the world and see something and feel something they have never seen nor felt before. Even though we are all different, and have all different perspectives, there is a lot of unlearning that needs to happen within myself and the world in order to make space for the variety of different voices we all have.

A common theme in my life is finding who I really am & what being melanin means to me seeing how the world interprets a young melanin male trying to let greatness be great. Progressing from my self portrait to the images I have shown in the previous padlet I had accomplished is an example of self-exploration. Never mind the practical realities of life – id much rather spend the day in a fantasy land of my own creation like Minecraft…lol far away from the harsh reality of the everyday world….”