April 8, 2020

It's Been a Rough Couple of Weeks...

“It has been a rough couple of weeks."

                                                                                                                                             – Germain A., Youth in Focus Student

Current events have challenged us, but Youth in Focus is rising to that challenge! The need for the arts and human connection doesn't end with the practice of social distancing. We have shifted our program to an online format, accessible to any teen with a phone and an internet connection. Although it looks and feels a bit different, we are still providing youth a platform to amplify their voices, foster community, and creatively express what matters to them.

“I’m going straight to the point – Youth in Focus is highly needed right now!"

                                                                                                                                   – Diana R., Youth in Focus Alumni Leader

Over the last 25 years we've always found ways to help our students in times of crisis. The need for connection and resiliency has been magnified as our schools, communities, and businesses have closed. Listen as our students share what they are missing and how not having Youth in Focus programming is impacting them directly.

Youth in Focus teens talk about what they need and what they miss while they are sheltering in place. ** Donate to support teen arts during the COVID-19 crisis.

Through art, we stretch our boundaries and experience growth. Art reminds us of what is possible and encourages us to be brave in the face of the unknown...exactly what students and their families are grappling with now. As we respond to immediate needs and build fellowship online, we look forward to resuming and reimagining our programing as our community recovers. Artists are resilient, and Youth in Focus will help our community recover together through art.

We just uploaded our first online Student Gallery to showcase the creativity and vision of our young artists. If you are looking for a positive emotional boost, you will find inspiration, beauty, innovation, hope and love captured through the lens of our teen artists.

Please consider supporting our response and recovery efforts to ensure our youth have access to the arts and our programming now and in the future.

In Community,

Samantha Kelly, Executive Director