May 2, 2022

Meet CCC Student, Julie!

"The Creative Career Cohort excited me because we had the chance to do photography in person with professional photographers! Due to COVID, I came across many virtual programs, but this possibility excited me.

Before Youth in Focus, I usually took Instagram pictures. I had a great experience with my phone camera, so I thought it would be wonderful to learn something new with an actual camera.

The people and things around me inspire me. While at the library, I had a fun idea: hide half of my face behind a book! Since the book's cover was blue, I decided to use Lightroom to match the background. With this self-portrait, I wanted to try something new and creative to give off a sense of vibes and positive energy.

My final and favorite image is of my cousin. We were about to order at McDonald's (my favorite fast food), and I was able to catch a unique expression in her eyes.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn at Youth in Focus and for the people who encouraged me to be a part of something I enjoy doing."