May 4, 2021

Meet Teaching Artist, Marilyn Montufar

“I just remember thinking...that feels like magic!”

What was your first experience with art?
I remember the teacher having us take a photograph of our silhouette, and I remember it making an impression of me because it was this beautiful silhouette of each student. It's the first memory I had with a photograph or an art project and it made an impression. I just remember thinking, 'that feels like magic!' It’s the first memory I have a of a photograph.

What kind of role did art play in your teens?
I started doing photography as a teen. I was always pretty artsy but at that point and time I wasn’t sure what my path was in creativity. If it was writing or music. But I signed up for an after school program and I just fell in love with the darkroom and taking photographs of my friends. I’ve been photographing one of my friends since then, since I was 15 and I’m still photographing her today.

Dani, Mexico City

What stops you from quitting:

I think what stops me from quitting is that this is just who I am and I can’t see myself doing anything else. And in terms of teaching it’s important to share art experience, especially for students, for example, at Youth in Focus, that may not have access to art otherwise. What keeps me from quitting is wanting to see more representation and diversity in the arts through myself and my students.

Self portrait of Marilyn Montufar

Is there anything you’re working on right now that you can show us?

I think the thing I’m working on that I’m most excited about is the migrant youth project. It’s a collaboration with youth and they write from their perspective.

Catch up with Marilyn at the following links:

Exhibition invite to The Clemente, Opening Reception: May 20th, 2021, 5 - 8PM