David R.

My name is David Reyes, I play bass, and guitar and as you can see I partake in photography. I am an older brother of 3 siblings. I would say I have always been an artistic person. I've always used it as a way to cope and express myself emotionally.

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2023 Cohort Session Three

Portfolio and Job Readiness: Mock interviews, independent studies, and portfolio refinement

Hello my name is David Reyes. I am an 18 year old photographer, why I love this media form is the way I can use my lens as a form of communicating my perspective on the world. I hope to invoke emotions and start conversations in those who view my work. That's a little about me :)

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2023 Cohort Session Two

Honing Artist Vision: Applying photography knowledge to build and create in a working photo studio

This project is a look into how I've come to interpret the way I see the world. Bright, dramatic, colorful, yet twisted all in a way that enhances the subject. I want to push the boundaries of the artistic mediums I create in, to share and inspire other artists that would consider their own art unconventional. All these photos are aimed to invoke a reaction and interpret what emotions were present during each photoshoot.

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2023 Cohort Session One

Camera and Digital Editing Fundamentals: Elements of Design, Photography, Photoshop, and Intro to Graphic Design

Today I dedicate this statement to my mouse Mikey who passed yesterday. He was one of my best friends, lived up to almost a year and was my baby goblin boy. Me and his brother Ralph will remember him dearly.

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