Ethan M.

Hi, my name is Ethan and I'm a 15 year old Korean-American. My hobbies are cooking, playing video games, and… wait, that doesn't sound quite right. Maybe “I'm a high school student who likes talking with my friends” sounds better? Hm, that doesn't sound right either, maybe something serious like: I want to become a future entrepreneur and photography is going to help me market and advertise. Or maybe: I really wanted to do photography since I think that photos are super cool since they each capture their own little sliver of time. Maybe something like a flashback would be good like: I had little to no knowledge until I met Nobu who introduced me to the wonderful world of photography. Well all of those statements about me are true but none of them feel “right” for this… Maybe one day I’ll figure out something better for a bio. Well either way nice to meet you. - Ethan Ma

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2023 Cohort Session Three

Portfolio and Job Readiness: Mock interviews, independent studies, and portfolio refinement

So to your left or right is a photo of a coin on a phone. That photo is unedited and I took it because I thought it looked super cool For a more metaphorical meaning then the photo represents myself since the coin shows my school and how I aim to be valued for my talents. The phone shows my attachment to the internet but the cracks on the screen show how I am (like many others) also broken but there is hope represented by the window light. The second photo on either your left or right is a photo of a light at starbucks. That photo was edited and I took it because I thought it looked pretty cool For a more metaphorical meaning then it’s to show a human's thirst for artificial energy like coffee… Anddd finally the middle photo is just a photo of me trying to look cool…

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2023 Cohort Session Two

Honing Artist Vision: Applying photography knowledge to build and create in a working photo studio

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2023 Cohort Session One

Camera and Digital Editing Fundamentals: Elements of Design, Photography, Photoshop, and Intro to Graphic Design

My theme for this showcase is variety. I chose this theme since I really wanted to highlight how I made sure to take the time to take a lot of photos with (pause here) no intended connection whatsoever. The more I thought about it however, I started to really like the theme of variety since a lot of the fun from life comes from it. Since if you do the same things all the time it starts to get stale. It's also a good starting theme since I have a lot of freedom to take as many photos as I can to learn even more! The photos you're going to see are some of the ones I liked a lot. I hope you like them too!

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