Paloma L.

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2024 Cohort Session One

Camera and Digital Editing Fundamentals: Elements of Design, Photography, Photoshop, and Intro to Graphic Design

My name is Paloma Lee, I am 17 years old. This is my self portrait, it’s a long exposure and I like it because it highlights my eye makeup which I love to experiment with every day. I also love the blurriness and streaks of light that appear in my eyes. 

I chose these images because they remind me of a whimsical moment from two very different movies. Some of my favorite cinematography has been from Wes Anderson films, Bones and All, Emma., and Poor Things. These inspirations helped me come to the decisions I made for my finals. Their unique uses of symmetry, colors, eerie feeling scenes and unapologetic weirdness fed my creative mind. I am constantly inspired by artists around me and the people who produce the media I consume. These pictures encourage the viewer to create their own story and connection to a world of their own. 


I used a long exposure technique where I zoomed in slowly while taking a 2 second long image. This technique helped me produce this time warp of a picture. It’s hazy and drags you into the world it was taken in. 

Carrot top

Inspired by the phrase “carrot top” (when referring to red heads). It was taken on Vashon Island in a random book store. The woman with red hair is obscured by the carrot because it leaves questions unanswered. Who is this woman? What is she doing?

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