June 1, 2020

August Virtual Classes and More

August Virtual Classes and More

Our Winter Quarter ended about three days early because of the shelter in place orders and we missed being able to exhibit that work in public with an End of Quarter show. However, we were contacted by the folks at UW Tower for an opportunity to show the work in the lobby for a few weeks. We’re happy to get some airtime for this newest batch of framed photos. Big thanks for hosting, UW Tower!

Image (1).jpeg
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August 3rd begins the last of the Summer series of virtual photo sessions. Offerings include the super-popular Experimental and Mixed Media class. Teaching Artist Lindsey explained the general vibe:

“All they need is a phone, wifi, AND the will to describe themselves as a sandwich and make funny videos about post-it notes. That might just be my class ;)”

Isabel leads our Storytelling session this month adding a strong Portfolio element for photographers who want to start creating a cohesive body of work for themselves or if they plan to do something arts-related for a career.

In the advanced category, Marilyn’s session in Synthesizing Art, Photography and Concept will push you mentally AND creatively.  If you’re interested in a number of different mediums and want to see where the intersections between photography and other forms of art lie, this is a good match.

As always, our virtual classes are all pay-what-you-can, (no one is turned away for any financial reason) twice a week at an hour each, and designed to be accessed with just a phone and internet. Teens 13-19 are welcome, no matter where you are. Email Chris if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to point you to the best fit for your creative teen.