March 20, 2023

New Look, New Vision, New Values!

It’s time for our next big update!

Last week we shared highlights from last year. Did you notice our New Look, New Mission, New Vision, and New Values? 
Well, here they are!

Why did we update our branding? And what does this mean for Youth in Focus?

After almost 30 years, we needed a refresh. The teens of the 90s are not the teens of today! And we are so excited with the results.We are committed to being an organization that’s not just FOR youth, but WITH youth at the center of our decision-making. To fully embrace that approach, and to ensure that our youth see themselves reflected in this big new look and language, we enlisted their help with our pilot Youth Advisory Board. Six of our advanced students provided loads of valuable feedback over six months! And they had an equal vote alongside staff and Board members.

What’s different?

We are still an organization committed to youth and photography! And now we have clearer language to tell our story and share our values. We’ve always encouraged creative risk-taking and for youth to share their stories with the world through their photography, which is why our new mission statement and tagline are so important: Creativity Without a Filter.

Our vision is bigger than any one of us, we believe photography and art and the youth who create it can transform our collective future into one we all want to be a part of. By living into our values, we will continue to center the young people we have the honor of engaging and providing them with a community of support that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

Thank you for being part of our community and contributing to our collective vision!

Samantha Kelly
Your very proud Executive Director