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2023 Cohort Session Three

We are proud to introduce and showcase the work of the 2023 Creative Career Cohort. This 17-week, three-part cohort explores photography, graphic design, lighting, styling, and editing.

Session Three: Portfolios and Interviews

Mock interviews, independent studies, and portfolio refinement

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Hello my name is David Reyes. I am an 18 year old photographer, why I love this media form is the way I can use my lens as a form of communicating my perspective on the world. I hope to invoke emotions and start conversations in those who view my work. That's a little about me :)

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So to your left or right is a photo of a coin on a phone. That photo is unedited and I took it because I thought it looked super cool For a more metaphorical meaning then the photo represents myself since the coin shows my school and how I aim to be valued for my talents. The phone shows my attachment to the internet but the cracks on the screen show how I am (like many others) also broken but there is hope represented by the window light. The second photo on either your left or right is a photo of a light at starbucks. That photo was edited and I took it because I thought it looked pretty cool For a more metaphorical meaning then it’s to show a human's thirst for artificial energy like coffee… Anddd finally the middle photo is just a photo of me trying to look cool…

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I'm 16 years old, and my name is Hangamah. Being the oldest child from birth, I've always felt under pressure to excel and be a good role model for my younger siblings. I made my plans for what and who I wanted to be as soon as I started my freshman year of high school. I aimed to inspire others and lend a hand to those in need.I chose a career that will be most helpful because, coming from a suffering country, I wanted to help both my own and other countries that aren't doing well. In addition to wanting to help others, I also want to project a positive picture of myself because if I do, other people will have a positive opinion of both myself and my people (the Afghans). I try to step outside of my comfort zone as much as I can because I think that being strong and courageous will help me get through everything in life. I want you to have a positive impression of me and them when you look at my picture.

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Hi my name is Jose Lopez Bernal and I am 18 years old. When I turned 18 everyone started talking about all my responsibilities as an adult saying that everything in my life was going to change, and that I had to pay attention to all of these new things. Being bombarded with all these new responsibilities was overwhelming but one of the few comforts I found was photography. Going out on the weekends with friends to take photos every weekend made for some of my favorite moments this year.

Since I got into it, photography has been a great tool for me to truly connect with the world outside of myself and appreciate its beauty. I first started taking photos in the height of the pandemic to distract myself from the isolation of my room. I started taking photos in a time where everybody was locked in their rooms but funnily enough my favorite thing to take photos of is people, and human connection.

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Hi, my name is Lorna Ly. I’m a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. Before this program I had never picked up a digital camera before and was only driven by my passion to tell underrepresented stories. As I’m learning more about the camera, I’m learning to express myself through it. Which challenges me and makes me feel like a vulnerable gorilla running away from the poachers. But it’s also refreshing to see myself, my loved ones and my ideas portrayed for the first time.

What inspires me to continue photography and push past my discomfort is the prospect that I will inspire others.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell my stories and bring my visions to life.

‘ Far, far away, only in the distance, there was a calm and then a turbulence. It rattled my brain, this rumble, but my grandma remained unruffled. Then, I saw it, the dragon jerk, wiggle, and convulse. The shrine started to ring, ‘dong…dong…dong……..’. A crack in the sky emerged, chú tiểu blossomed, born and raised in the temple ready to ride the dragon away. ‘

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As I worked on my portfolio for the Creative Cohort, I found that my photos represented a desire to tell peoples’ stories, to tell my own story, and to blend those together to share a narrative of community. What could I learn about my life through the lens of a camera, and how can I share it with the world? I think oftentimes I have felt like I was too much or too complicated for other people to try understanding, and with photography I can affirm others' stories and prove that complexity is not a negative thing. That’s why I love taking photos in the city, of the city, and of people. There’s so much to tell with one frame.

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Hello my name is Nobu and i go to highline school district. I wanted to start taking photos after going to state parks and seeing the various  landscapes. After taking photos for a while I started paying more attention to textures in my photos. Now I would like you to try and focus on the textures instead.

My photos show what inspired me to pick up a camera and allow other people to see through my eyes. Throughout my life I have always been attracted to the water and its aquatic life. Now I don't know why I have this attraction to the water. It might be because of how little we know about it or how much there is of it. But one thing I do know is you see everything through a lens differently on it and in it.

Through my personal experience with photography I have learned how to express myself through this artform. My camera has taught me how to see the daily interactions we people may take for granted. And through this lesson it showed me all people no matter their race or identity. We are all the same. This is one of the many lessons photography has taught me. I look forward to learning more about our world through photography and I hope, I never master photography so I can keep learning.

“We are not masters of something, we will not become masters of anything. We will only be Learners. Learners in one thing, learners in everything.” - Arturo Sandoval

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I am Noor M. 15 years old, born in Baghdad, Iraq. My family and I immigrated to Washington in 2015. Moving to a new country on the other side of the world with no sense of the language and having religious shock was what made me who I am today. After spending more and more time in America, I felt more comfortable with my new life. I made new friends, tried things I’ve never done before, and explored my interests. I enjoy painting, hiking, and reading. Family and friends are very important to me of course. I made it my goal to use photography to resemble the beautiful sides to everything, and express my love for people close to me. Expressing myself through photography is nice because a picture could tell all of my thoughts. Being a Muslim is a big part of my life. My faith is strong. My religion is very dear to me. It’s one of the things that makes me who I am. I hope you enjoy my photographs!

“I love going to places where I can sit and people watch, take in the colors of their clothes, the wrinkles they have around their eyes when they smile, their body language when meeting one another, and sometimes I even eavesdrop on their conversations - wink!”

Helen Edwards, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom

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My name is Sullivan. I'm a 17 year old multi-media artist. I took classes at the CCC for the purposes of refining my photography skills. I write, I draw, I take photos, all for the purpose of storytelling.

I love horror, literature, rock and gothic music, and dark and moody art. You can see that reflected in my work. While much of what I create is greatly inspired by my own life experiences, I instead choose to create a clear distinction between the art and my real life. 

That's all I have to say. I'd much rather allow you to consume my work than for me to over explain it.

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Once in a lifetime,
From one in a billion.
I will create art.